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One of the most requested services of architects is for clients wanting an architects’ view of the potential of a property.


Architected can provide pre-purchase advice in an affordable way. We know that clients often view many houses before purchase. How do you know which one to buy? Which one provides the best potential for your lifestyle? What simple changes could you make to the property to add immediate value?


Architected can provide preliminary sketches to illustrate what could be done to unlock the potential of the property, along with any planning and cost implications.


What you get:


-Broad analysis of Planning Scheme implications for the property

-Conceptual sketches for each property illustrating the potential for renovation or extension.

-A guide to the budget required for the design submitted .




$1990 per property


Please note this service is designed to allow you to get an architect’s view on the ability to renovate or extend the proposed property. It is not intended to be a building inspection to uncover major structural issues. We recommend a building inspection by a third party for this purpose.

Please note this service is subject to availability, and may not be available during busy periods.


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