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Whether it’s a new house, renovation or simply a bathroom or kitchen, the Concept Design allows you to understand how to unlock the potential of your home.

You may just be starting out on your renovation journey, but don't want to commit to engaging an architect for the whole process. The Concept Design allows you to obtain an architect's input early on in the design process, to get you on the right path for a successful project.


Architected will come to your home and assess your requirements, take measurements, take photographs, and discuss your needs with you. 

We will then work through some initial design ideas on the spot, and agree a way forward with your project.

Within 3 weeks you will receive sketch concept drawings illustrating the Architected design response.

What you get:

  • Hand drawn concept sketch plans of the design proposal, showing multiple options for you to consider. We can tailor this to your requirements- for example we can develop a single storey option and a double storey option, or explore multiple variations of a similar floor plan.


  • A summary of the Planning requirements and development constraints for your site.


  • We can also provide an Opinion of Probable Cost for an additional fee of $890



For a standard size single storey renovation or extension: $2390

For a single level new home, or double storey extension or renovation: $2890

For a double level new home: $3690

For a large / three storey new Home: $3990

How much will my Renovation Cost?

We can provide an Opinion of Probable Cost for your project for an additional fee of $890. 

This service takes the Concept Design developed, and using data from the design, generates a Construction Price Report based on the design and level of finish the client wishes.

We use ProCalc, the industry standard Construction Estimator, used by architects and builders to provide an accurate 'ball park' costing using current market rates. These market rates are updated regularly so take into account price fluctuations in materials and the construction industry as a whole.

Feel free to contact us for more information.


Note: Prices are Ex GST. The above pricing is based on the client providing plans of the existing house. If a measure-up and existing floor plan drawing is required an additional fee may apply. Contact us for more information.

View Sample Concept Designs

Optional: 3d Design Development

Architected can do a sketch 3d computer model of your concept. This will bring your concept to life and help you visualise the design concept in 3d, and will provide elevations for your project.

We will tailor the fee for 3d development for your project, depending on size and complexity.

As a rough guide:


Additional fee:

$2490 (small single storey renovation)

$2990 (large or double storey renovation)

$3790 (New House)

$3990 (New Large House)

Please Note that the Concept Design Service may be subject to a waiting list during busy periods. 

Travel Fee may be charged for properties greater than 25kms from Melbourne CBD.

View Sample 3D Concept Designs

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